How to Make a Donation

The Leota Braun Charitable Foundation, Inc. is an appropriate beneficiary for estates, trusts accounts and investment programs for those who would like to leave a lasting benefit to their community. Gifts can be expended for a specific project or made a permanent endowment fund with the Foundation’s guidelines.

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Alternatively, you can make a donation by contacting Melanie Shindeldecker, Treasurer.

Checks can be made payable to LBCF.


You will be asked the following questions, so you can be prepared. 

I will support the Leota Braun Charitable Foundation, Inc. as follows:

– With a one-time gift in the amount of $_____

– With a regular recurring gift of $_____

Paid: monthly __ quarterly __ or annually __ until the following date __________

– I would like my gift applied to the following type of activity or fund:


Current Funds List 


Important Tax Note
The Leota Braun Charitable Foundation, Inc. has been designated by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)3 organization. Gifts may therefore be tax deductible for federal income, gift and estate tax purposes. Consult your tax advisor for details.

Something to think about…
Do you need or want to make a large tax deductible contribution to charity this year, but do not know to what organization? You can create a donor-advised charitable trust fund within the Leota Braun Charitable Foundation, Inc., donate to it this tax year, and designate a charity or charities at a later time to be the beneficiaries of your generosity. Your gift will even earn income until the time it is distributed. Consult a foundation director.


Make An Online Donation

  1. American Legion

    $0.00 donated
  2. American Legion Veterans Memorial

    $0.00 donated
  3. Angel Tree Project

    $835.00 donated
  4. Arts in the Park

    $0.00 donated
  5. Backpack

    $694.00 donated
  6. Community Improvement

    $0.00 donated
  7. Crime Awareness

    $0.00 donated
  8. Cultural Enrichment

    The Cultural Enrichment Fund may be used to promote and finance activities commonly considered to be fine arts. Examples might include, but not be limited to, musical concerts, drama, plays, and art shows. The funds may be used to attract participants to the community, and to purchase and improve land, buildings, and equipment for use by local non-profit organizations. The income can be used to promote concerts, plays, shows, and other activities that enhance the enjoyment and availability of fine arts in the Foundation’s service area.
    $0.00 donated
  9. Environment & Conservation

    $0.00 donated
  10. General Fund

    This general fund covers expenses like taxes, postage, banquet expenses, and is also used for the $1,500 Leota Braun Scholarship given out each year, along with two smaller scholarships, to graduating Parkway High School students.
    $450.00 donated
  11. Handicap and Special Needs

    $0.00 donated
  12. High 5 Fund

    $0.00 donated
  13. Lee Purdy Fund

    $0.00 donated
  14. Library Fund

    $0.00 donated
  15. Medical Dental Procurement

    $0.00 donated
  16. Mendon Union Recreation

    $0.00 donated
  17. Parks and Recreation Fund

    The proceeds of the Parks and Recreation Fund will be used for the financing of public parks in the communities. Funds may be expended for such things as land purchase, infrastructure installation and improvements, buildings and building improvements, installation and maintenance of athletic and recreational facilities and equipment for the benefit of the general public. The fund may finance projects including park benches, landscaping, and other items to make the park areas pleasing and functional for the enjoyment of the general public. This fund may also help finance professional or non-professional, recreational activities and sporting events that benefit community groups or causes.
    $0.00 donated
  18. Parkway Booster Club

    $50.00 donated
  19. Parkway Music Booster Disney Trip

    $20.00 donated
  20. Parkway Music Boosters

    $0.00 donated
  21. Parkway’s Fight Against Cancer

    $0.00 donated
  22. Police Aux. Fund

    $0.00 donated
  23. Rockford Bicentennial Committee

    $0.00 donated
  24. Rockford Community Days

    $0.00 donated
  25. Rockford Lions Club

    $0.00 donated
  26. Rockford Recreation Fund

    $100.00 donated
  27. Scholarship Fund

    $315.00 donated
  28. Shanes Aerie 1282 FOE

    $0.00 donated
  29. Shanes Crossing Historical

    $50.00 donated
  30. Shanes Park Capital Improvement

    $0.00 donated
  31. Special Events Fund

    The Foundation will help fund the sponsorship, promotion, and operation of community and area special events as approved by the Board of Directors including, but not necessarily limited to, parades; picnics; festivals; sporting events; art, historical, literary, musical, theatrical, and similar cultural events; holiday-related activities; and other events involving significant numbers of citizens from the general public. The Foundation may support county, state, national, and international events when it is in the best interests of the Foundation or its service area to do so.
    $0.00 donated
  32. Splash Pad

    $0.00 donated
  33. Willshire Bell Tower

    $0.00 donated
  34. Willshire Bicentennial Fund

    $415.00 donated
  35. Willshire Museum

    $2,850.00 donated
  36. Willshire Park

    $250.00 donated
  37. Willshire Youth Activities

    $50.00 donated