Mission Statement
The Leota Braun Charitable Foundation, Inc. exists to provide financial support for projects and activities that will improve the quality of life for residents of the Ohio communities of Rockford, Willshire, and Mendon, as well as surrounding rural areas of the Parkway Local School District. The foundation provides the vehicle for donors to make tax-advantaged charitable contributions for the benefit of the Foundation’s areas of service. It also assures the ongoing competent management, investment, and distribution of donated funds throughout and beyond the lifetimes of the donors in accordance with their wishes.

“Charity is a debt of honor”

– Immanuel Kant (1724-1804)


“It was great for me to be on being a young person in the community, I learned a lot about the workings of Parkway and had a lot of contact with individuals. I’d highly recommend to young people to find a community club or board to be a member of to support your local community and make connections!”

– Jordan Henkle, Past LBCF Treasurer

Community Donations for 2023

Mendon Blessing Box
Mendon Church of God for VBS

Rockford Lions Club
Both donations will be given to Rockford Lions Club to purchase a pair of eyeglasses/eye exam to benefit a Parkway student in need. 

Willshire Youth Activities
Praise Point Church for VBS

Parkway Local School District
Parkway High School S.M.I.L.E. Program
Securing Multiple Independent Learning Experiences

Special 2023 Donations
The late calendar year of 2022, and 2023, have presented a unique set of challenges for our communities and surrounding areas. As a result of an unprecedented number of area structure fires, the Leota Braun Charitable Foundation wishes to extend a gift of appreciation for the countless hours dedicated by our heroic volunteer firemen and women to our area communities and residents.  In recognition of their contributions to the safety and protection of our communities, LBCF is honored to make a special 2023 donation to:

The Chattanooga Fire Department
The Mendon Fire Department
The Rockford Fire Department
The Willshire Fire Department