About Us

Rockford Community Building


In the summer of 2001, as the Rockford Community Building was being constructed, several community leaders began to appreciate the need for area citizens to have a means of making tax advantaged contributions to present and future civic projects. Having the funds managed locally in the best interests of the donors and potential recipients was also important to this group.  A Foundation can invest funds for better financial growth while such funds are awaiting use.

On February 26, 2002, incorporation papers were approved as an Ohio nonprofit corporation, and on June 20, 2003, the Internal Revenue Service granted the Foundation 501(c)3 tax exempt status. As the result of several meetings and research of area civic foundations, the Leota Braun Charitable Foundation held its organizational meeting February 4, 2004.

Service Area

The Foundation’s service area includes all the communities throughout the Parkway Local School District.


The name of the Foundation honors Leota Braun, in whose Will a major bequest was given.  This bequest allowed the Village of Rockford to purchase additional land for Shanes Park and provided much of the funds to construct the Rockford Community Building.


Thanks to many donors and organization, the Foundation has received more than $107,500 in receipts and distributed scholarships, medical student loans, grants to accident victims, and grants to various community projects in the Mendon, Rockford, and Willshire communities.


Currently, the Foundation manages several community funds.

There are four (4) type of funds:
1. Endowment Funds
2. Pass-Through Funds
3. Named Endowment Funds
4. Field of Interest Funds
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All officers and board members are unpaid volunteers to assure that the money is going for the cause it was given to support and not to cover administrative expenses.

President, Ryan Twigg
Vice President, Lisa Sheppard
Secretary, Kevin Krall
Treasurer, Melanie Shindeldecker

Executive Director



Leah Thompson
Michelle Kimmel
Fred Getz
Donna Bates
Heidi Walls

Former Executive Director

Bob Maurer, Susan Sheppard

Former Members of the Board of Directors

Jeff Armstrong, Mark Esselstein, Dennis Hecht, Herb Muhlenkamp, Robert Ransbottom, Karen Sapp, Sandy Schaffner, Robert Thompson, Roy F. Thompson Jr., Pat Trisel, Norm VanTilburg, Kendra Miller, Tom Pryer, Trey Stober, Ron Krugh, Steve Samples, Tim Kennedy, Ray Costello, Kindra Butler, Casey Nuttle, Susan Sheppard, David Taylor, Steve Schaaf, Kristine Strawniak-Louth, Kim Carr, Jordan Henkle, Kristina Boroff, Matt Fisher, Twyla Hayes, Tammy McDonough

Directors Terms

January 2023

Cindy Canary*
Fred Getz*
Donna Bates

January 2024

Lisa Sheppard
Kevin Krall
Leah Thompson

January 2025

Ryan Twigg*
Melanie Shindeldecker*
Heidi Walls

*Denotes member completing second term

Contact one of the LBCF Directors if you have an interest in serving your community by serving as a member of the Board of Directors for the LBCF. There are no openings at this time, but your name and contact information will be kept on file for when there is an opening.