The Foundation currently manages several community funds.


American Legion Parkway’s Fight Against Cancer
American Legion Veterans Memorial Parkway Music Boosters
Angel Tree Project Parkway Music Booster Disney Trip
Arts in the Park Police Aux. Fund
Backpack Splash Pad
Carey, Bill and Benny Scholarship Fund Rockford Bicentennial Committee
Community Improvement Rockford Community Days
Crime Awareness Rockford Recreation Fund
Cultural Enrichment Scholarship Fund
Environment & Conservation Shanes Aerie 1282 FOE
General Fund* Shanes Crossing Historical
Handicap and Special Needs Shanes Park Capital Improvement
High 5 Fund Special Events Fund
Library Fund Willshire Park
Medical Dental Procurement Willshire Bell Tower
Mendon Union Recreation Willshire Youth Activities
Parks and Recreation Fund WRKD
Parkway Booster Club

Undesignated Donations
When an undesignated donation is made to the Leota Braun Charitable Foundation, it goes into the general fund. The general fund covers expenses like taxes, postage, banquet expenses, etc.

General Fund
Money in the general fund is also used for the $1,500 Leota Braun Scholarship given out each year, along with two smaller scholarships, to graduating Parkway High School students.

The general fund each year gives 6-8 different donation to Parkway community events.

Funds by Type

Endowment Funds
Endowment funds are funds to be held in perpetuity by the Foundation and from which the income will go to the support of specified purposes of the endowment on a permanent basis. These are permanent funds that will be supported by the endowment rather than be dependent upon continuing contributions.

Pass-Through Funds
Pass-through funds will be collected as charitable contributions by the Foundation for the benefit of specific causes or projects in the involved communities. The intent of these funds is that they will be established temporarily for the completion of a specific project or series of activities. Eventually these funds may be completely exhausted upon completion of the intended activities.

Named Endowment Funds
Named endowment funds may be created by a donor, created as a memorial to a person or event, or created for a cause for specific beneficiaries. These funds will carry the name of the donor, honoree, or beneficiary and must grow to an amount that will guarantee their permanence within a period of ten years. Donors should contact the Foundation for current specific requirements to establish this type of fund.

Field of Interest Funds
The Foundation maintains both endowment and pass-through funds in several fields of interest to benefit various areas of the communities it serves. Donors may make contributions in any amount to any of these funds at any time.

Field of Interest Funds are defined by the following:
Community Development
Cultural Enrichment
Environment and Conservation
General Fund for Foundation Operations
Handicapped and Special Needs
Health Care
Parks and Recreation Fund
Special Events